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PolarPro Osmo Pocket Minimalist Case

299,- SEK

Streckkod: 817465022825

  • Stockholm (butik & online order): Ej på Lager
  • Webblager (endast online order): 0

A secure case that stays true to the compact Osmo Pocket size and shape. Equipped with both an internal and external mesh pocket, each ideal for additional Osmo Pocket attachments. A built in carabiner loop allows you use an existing carabiner to attach this case to any bag or backpack for easy access.



  • Main Compartment Fits: Osmo Pocket, Wifi Module, Control Wheel, and Connectors
  • Expansion Pouch Fits: PolarPro Filter Case
  • Custom compact shape with no excess / dead space

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Mesh Accessory Pockets
Carabiner Loop
Contoured Structure