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PGYTECH Action Camera Floating Hand Grip

449,- SEK

Streckkod: 6970801335387

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PGYTECH Action Camera Floating Hand Grip offers a better handheld experience during underwater photography. 

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  • Material
Its floating body and wrist-strap attachment keep the camera above the surface of the water and prevent it from sinking. A recognizable red rear cover made from aeronautic aluminum can help you easily find the floating hand grip underwater. Enjoy a comfortable grip with a non-slip handle made of soft rubber. The universal interface works withOSMO ACTION and OSMO pocket
  • Quality Floating Body+ Lanyard           
  • High-Vis Red Rear Cover                     
  • Non-slip Grip Handle                             
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Main material: PC, Silica gel, Aluminum
    Packing size: 220mm×63mm×52mm    
    Product size: 39mm×42.5mm×183.5mm
    Weight (Net Weight): 196.31g