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PGYTECH Type-C to Lightning Cable 65cm

279,- SEK

Streckkod: 6970801335417

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Specially designed for the OSMO Pocket, PGYTECH Type-C to Lightning Cable 65cm connects your OSMO Pocket with your iPhone or iPad to allow for shooting control with a bigger screen. 

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  • Material
With the adaptation of an authorized lightning chip and quality electronics included inside, it ensures a stable and safe transmission. The 65cm cable length precisely satisfies photographer's shooting needs, avoiding too long or too short. The red housing made of high-quality aluminum alloy, coupled with the nylon braided cable, greatly increase the tensile strength and durability. L-shaped lightning head designed for convenience.
  • Specially designed for OSMO Pocket         
  • Safe and stable data transmission and power delivery                          
  • MFI Certification                                           
  • Quality Red Housing                                 
  • Long-lasting Tensile Strength and Durability
  • First-class Electronics                                   
  • Shooting-oriented Cable Length                       
  • Convenient L-shaped Head 
  • Main material: Head: TPE, Aluminum Alloy                                            
  • Cable: Nylon, PVC, Copper
    Packing size: 182mm×80mm×30mm
    Product size: L=650mm 
    Weight (Net Weight): 16.6g