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PGYTECH OSMO Action Camera Cage

269,- SEK

Streckkod: 6970801335370

  • Stockholm (butik & online order): På lager
  • Webblager (endast online order): 4
Specially designed for OSMO Action, PGYTECH OSMO Action Camera Cage equips an action camera interface at the bottom of the cage and connects any shooting device with a universal interface, such as a tripod or selfie stick. 

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  • Material
There are two cold shoes on the top and side of the cage, respectively, that offers access to the camera, light, and microphone. A detachable cold shoe with 1/4'' thread connects the cage with a tripod in the vertical or horizontal direction, which allows for free switching between shooting models. The height of the top shoe can be increased with the help of the 1/4'' thread cold shoe, so as to make sure the connection of a camera light will not influence the function of the camera. Open space is reserved on the cage's side for power delivery, connections with microphones, or to replace a storage card.
  • Specially designed for OSMO Action
  • Versatile Compatibility  
  • Free Switch between Shooting Models
  • Extended Space for Smooth Operation 5. Convenient Installation
  • Main material: PC, Silica gel
    Packing size: 153mm×112mm×52mm 
    Product size: 84mm×77mm×33mm
    Weight (Net Weight): 30g